1.How to get more accurate local wind and solar resources?
        The following two websites could do you a favor:


        2.Why electric equipment cannot be used after connecting to the system?
        Answer: Check dump energy of storage battery as electric equipment cannot normally operate when the battery is low; check if the wiring of storage battery and inverter is correct when the electric quantity is sufficient.

        3.Why doesn’t it charge storage battery?
        To check if the vanes rotate as the generator doesn’t output at too low or too high wind speed; if the vanes rotate normally, break storage battery and inverter cable from the fan, check fan output by voltmeter, if the voltage normally outputs, check if the storage battery is damaged according to specification of storage battery, and if the voltage is zero, check if the fan cable goes wrong.

        4.Why don’t vanes rotate at normal wind speed?
        The vanes don’t rotate if the output line of the fan has short circuit, break storage battery and inverter cable from the fan to check fan cable.

        5.Is the service time of electric equipment prolonged by increasing battery capacity?
        Increasing battery capacity will make storage battery be unfilled state for a long time, affect its life and cause waste.

        6.How does generator microcomputer handle ultrahigh wind speed?
        When detecting ultrahigh speed, the microcomputer enters semi-brake state. The vanes decelerate, generated energy reduces, and temperature of generator body doesn’t overheat. When the wind speed is not ultrahigh, the generator returns to normal generating state.

        7.How to stop wind driven generator to replace the vanes?
        When connecting red line and black line of wind driven generator, it enters braking state. The vanes stop rotating.

        8.Does it need to install lighting rod?

        9.How does the wind driven generator regulate charging to avoid overcharge of storage battery?
        Microcomputer in the generator body monitors voltage of storage battery at any time. The outside of generator body has a regulating knob to set saturation voltage of storage battery. When the storage battery voltage reaches preset voltage value, the generator automatically brakes. When the storage battery voltage reduces a little (such as from 12.6V to 12V or from 25.2V to 24V), the generator automatically removes braking, and recovers operation charging.

        10.How to maintain the fan?
        Wind driven generator may suffer severe work environment or complicated weather conditions, so regular inspection and maintenance are needed regularly for normal system operation.
        1. Check if the steel cable of tower is too loose or too tight and timely adjust especially in installation initial stage and after heavy wind.
        2. Check if connecting cables of parts are damaged and wiring points loosen or rust to ensure electric safety.
        3. Maintain electrolyte height of storage battery, and timely add electrolyte height if the height reduces according to storage battery instruction.
        4. Before storm wind or other severe weather, put it to the tower to avoid unpredictable loss.
        5. Check once every three months.

        11.Is output voltage of generator adjustable?
        No, it isn’t. But matched controller as required is selectable.

        12.Is output voltage of inverter adjustable?
        No, it isn’t. But matched inverter as required is selectable.