Tenet and System

        1. Hardware Assurance
                Hopeful Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. can freely maintain or replace parts of wind turbine within two years since the day the customer bought the wind driven generator so long as these parts are confirmed with material and (or) process defect and customers use products according to indication. The warranty agreement just aims at original customers directly purchasing from us. In view of customer’s particular remedial measures and our responsibility, we have three choices as follows: (i) replace new generator or maintain, (ii) solve declared problems, (iii) return the money of fan. Maintenance and warranty of replaced products are in original warranty period.

        2. Binding Clause
                Problems caused by improper use and maintenance, other supplemented or replaced parts, and defects not caused by our materials and process are not in our warranty scope. The following conditions are not guaranteed neither: (i) the generator is replaced by others, (ii) the generator is not correctly installed, operated and maintained according to our indication, (iii) or (iv) the generator is placed in wind speed of over 134m/h (60m/s), or unusual objects, heat and voltage, misused, neglected or suffered from accidents. If our maintenance equipment ensures that problems of wind driven generator are not caused by our material and process defects, the maintenance party will pay the maintenance cost.

        3. Assurance Declarations& Return Procedures
                 To enjoy the service of the agreement, the customer should return maintenance registration card and the agreement within 60 days from the purchase date. Besides, the customer should contact us by written mode or phone, and submit a service request within maintenance period and maintenance range. The service request notice shall include problem description, using method, serial number and purchase date of generator, and name, address and phone number of request party. We will provide a repair authorization number and the place where the failed generator is returned to customers within three workdays after receiving the notice. The request party must pay the maintenance cost and bear maintenance risk, including but not limited to correct product packaging. The customer should send the whole generator set back within 30 days after sending repair authorization number. We don’t receive any wind driven generator without valid repair authorization number. The repair authorization number will be cancelled if the customer cannot return the generator within 30 days after receiving repair authorization number. Since the day we send repaired generator or parts back to the customer, all the replaced parts will be owned by us. Within five days after we receive the failed generator, we will try to maintain and replace the generator. The customer will pay the maintenance cost due to invalid maintenance request for any reason.

        4. Disclaimer
                Except the above warrant clauses, we refuse all other expressions or implied warranties, including default warranty fitting particular purpose, marketability and non-infringement. Products sold in the clauses have no other implicit warranties, no matter how similar the implicit warranties and the above clauses are superficially. We also refuse human injury and death caused by direct or indirect product use, and the customer should automatically quit other warranties.

        5. Limits of Liability
                In any case, Hopeful or its subsidiaries and suppliers refuse to bear any loss, such as commercial purpose interrupt, profit loss, data loss, indirect, special and incidental injury or other actions in or out of the contract in any form, including defects, repair, replacement, shipment caused by faulted infringement, strict liability or other reasons, even Hopeful, its subsidiaries or suppliers have informed the possibility of losses. (Note: The limits are not applicable to some autonomous prefectures or provinces prohibit removing or limiting accidental or necessary damages). Hopeful, its subsidiaries and suppliers are not responsible for articles connected to our products or articles whose electricity is supplied by our products. Hopeful doesn’t guarantee the price exceeding purchased price, which endows the customer with certain legal rights. The customer may have other legal rights which are different in different autonomous prefectures and provinces.