Enterprise Culture

        1. Hopeful’s principle of personnel management and working.
        Working principles:Today’s tasks,finished today
        The principle of Personnel Management: Everyone is talent,ability comes the
        first,education background is subject to efforts.


        2.Hopeful’s operation philosophy:
        Quality is life,credibility is the soul,innovation is the driving force,
        responsibility is the future


        3.The continuous spirits of Hopeful Energy:
        Diligence: hardworking,sedulity,frugality; attendance to the scene,setting an example;
        Frugality: austerity,prudence,self- frugality; making good use of every cent.
        Home: the country,the community,the family; making the country stronger,the community flourishing and the family prosperous.


        4. Continuing working spirits of Hopeful Energy
        Never say die to the difficulties,doing a job well to the end.
        Face up to the problems,be indomitable to improve efficiency.


        5.Hopeful Energy’s” Three-Glories,one-trust”
        The first glory: the enterprise takes pride in quality staff.
        The second glory: Staff take pride in the rapid development and expansion of the enterprise.
        The third glory: Employees take pride in high salaries and generous benefits.
        One-trust: the enterprise trusts in the staff,and the staff trust in the enterprise.


        6. Eight Glories,Eight Disgraces of Hopeful Energy:
        1)Take pride in quality products,but feel ashamed at customers complaints.
        2)Take pride in humbleness and diligence,but feel ashamed at the arrogance.
        3)Take pride in helping each other,but feel ashamed at a clique.
        4)Take pride in understanding,but feel ashamed at flattering.
        5)Take pride in discipline,but feel ashamed at chicanery and sophistry.
        6)Take pride in honestness and trustworthiness,but feel ashamed at a laxative tongue
        7)Take pride in taking the overall situation in mind,but feel ashamed at strain at a gnat
        8)Take pride in creating a win-win situation,but feel ashamed at loss of public benefit.


        7. Mission statement of staff:
        I’m a member of the staff,I guarantee: Hopeful succeeds,I succeed,I am growing together with Hopeful!
        I would like to open my heart and shoulder the responsibilities,be loyal to the company,to the leadership and customers!
        I would like to care about the company,its products in the way as caring my own eyes,and create wealth for the Hopeful family!
        I would like to carry forward the spirit of hardworking,make every effort to create achievements,make myself a popular person in the company.
        I would like to always be full of vitality,innovative continuously,study,study and study again,uninterrupted at all times!