Zhuhai Hopeful Wind Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
        Organize Framework Map

        General Manager
        General Manager Assistant
        Vice-General Manager

        Finance Dep.
        Licensing and Regulation
        Account Monitor

        Chief Engineer

        Logistics Dep.
        Warehouse Management
        Finished Product Warehouse
        Spare Parts Warehouse
        Sundry Goods/Assets
        Internal Affairs
        Vehicle Management
        Facilities Maintenance
        Ocean Shipping

        Sales Dep.
        International Business
        European Business
        American Business
        Asian Business
        African & Australian Business.
        Internal Business
        Eastern Business
        Western Business
        Customs Clearance

        Marketing Department
        Market Research
        Sales Planning
        Product Promotion
        Business Contact

        Production Department
        Assembly Workshop
        Assembly Team
        Machining Workshop
        Process Center
        Other Process
        Packing Workshop
        Packing Team

        After-Sales Service Dep.
        Servies Feedback
        Sales Filing
        Information Feedback
        Maintenance Services
        Accessories Distribution
        Maintenance Costs Confirmation

        Quality Control Department
        7S Monitoring Materials
        Spare Parts Inspection
        Finished Product Inspection
        Packing Inspection
        Craftwork Inspection
        Workshop Training
        Technology Department
        Exterior Affairs Liaison
        Spare Parts Ordering
        Inspection & Supervision
        Disqualification Tracking
        R & D of New Products
        Product Improvement
        Wind Turbine R&D
        Electronic Control R&D
        Attached R&D

        Enterprise Management Department
        7S Supervison Materials
        Internal Management
        Personnel & Recruitment
        Training & Assessment
        Salary & Attendance
        Special Contract Management
        Back office & Cleaning